UPDATE – J*** D***** – Rotherham.
Firstly, may I state the house we attended was NOT directly next to the school this is an innocent persons house! It is very close to the school though which is why we had concerns.
SYP will not work with us or give any information out, so we will dig and find our own, here’s what we know so far and you can judge for yourself what you think.
1. Groomed a child (decoy) online and arranged to meet for sex.
2. STUNG – interviewed on camera and arrested. (Confirmed)
3. Section 18 carried out. (Confirmed)
4. Police (phone call recorded) stating there had been no police incident at the property and no record of the arrest.
5. Police then phone and confirm he was arrested and charged but no further info.
6. Police have not contacted anyone of the 2 people to make a statement that they need for the case.
7. Police have refused the offer of the full evidence pack that they have to have for the case to go to court.
8. J*** D***** apparently WAS charged but has NOT appeared in court.
SYP we do this to protect children, this predator is a DANGER to children! Why are you protecting him and not innocent children and also WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU FOUND??


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